Your appointment

I want you to feel comfortable during your session so you can fully let go of the pain you are experiencing. Your individual needs are my first concern and our sessions take the entire YOU into consideration, not simply your symptoms. I will encourage you to focus on what you are feeling in your body. Therapy is applied to areas of restriction, imbalance, and tension to eliminate pain and restore motion.


Treatments are performed directly on your skin. Please arrive clean of oils and lotion and be prepared with loose, comfortable clothing that will allow me direct access to your skin while still keeping you feeling comfortable and able to move around. Some possibilities for treatment clothing are loose fitting shorts, a tank top/sports bra, a bathing suit, or undergarments.


It is very important for you to drink plenty of water. In your session we released restrictions within your fascia that may have been inhibiting blood flow and nutrient delivery to your body. The water you drink after your session can be fully delivered to your previously restricted tissues, restoring hydration and health.